“ SPECRIO as part of its business develops and commercially launches its own products in the healthcare market ”

“SPECRIO’s products’ focus is usability and ensuring the business outcomes of the customer is achieved with near zero maintenance costs”

“SPECRIO’s products evolves after integrating customer feedbacks from different customers who are actual users of the product  in the health care segment”

“SPECRIO’s products and its evolution journey will be shared with our customers who are engaging us in other verticals”

“SPECRIO’s product development function acts as a laboratory for SPECRIO to learn from its customers and solve problems faced by clinicians, payers and patients in the market”


SPECRIO is developing three products for the health care market. The product development vertical of SPECRIO is a laboratory for the organisation to integrate the learnings from the market, its customers, practices and implement the same for as part of its product development processes. Our customers will also gain valuable insights through the process engineering, insights engineering and practices vertical engagements from our learnings in the product development arena.

SPECRIO leverages its various verticals for developing the products in the areas of  making the doctor patient engagement qualitative ,  productive and outcome oriented through its products SPECRIOVISION and SPECRIOLYTIX.


Solving the problem of maximum physician time to patients and bringing back the human touch during the interaction.


Making the historical data and new data to work for the stakeholders i.e. Physicians, Patients, providers and Payers.


Organize, access, and share your medical reports at your fingertips…

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